genealogy cemetery research with gravestones

Cemetery Research

December 15, 2017 editor 0

Visiting a cemetery is a very in-person and hands-on way of collecting family history information. You can find graveyards with your ancestors and other family […]

The family tree of Donald Trump, currently president-elect

Donald Trump Family Tree

November 22, 2016 editor 0

To continue with my tradition of including famous family trees as new presidential figures come into the spotlight, I’m doing an ahnentafel chart for the […]

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Kansas Vital Records

September 17, 2016 editor 0

Official vital records in Kansas date to 1911 though some counties maintain their own archives of older material that goes farther back to 1860. Of […]

My Own Family Tree

July 7, 2016 editor 0

I am going to be focusing more on the actual genealogy resources that are in my own family tree, since there are more than 6000 […]

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Louisiana Vital Records

January 11, 2016 editor 0

If you are studying Louisiana genealogy, you will have several avenues to pursue. The main source for information is through the state-registered vital records but […]

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Kentucky Vital Records

November 13, 2015 editor 0

Kentucky genealogy researchers will have a pretty easy time digging up old documents because there are no privacy restrictions on any vital records in the […]

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Iowa Vital Records

August 7, 2015 editor 0

Doing Iowa genealogy research can be a little difficult because their vital records regulations are stricter than most other states, leaving you with fewer options […]