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Old Job Titles

old job titles in genealogy

Are you familiar with the jobs and occupations of old?

When you come across various types of occupations, such as on tax records, census pages or even on some death certificates, it can be confusing because so many terms and trades are no longer commonly known.

Jobs that are outright obsolete or just go by different names now are hard to understand and won’t do you any good if you don’t know what they mean.

Actually knowing the proper occupation can be important and it can lead you to further records or documents for that individual. Even just simple curiosity can be enough to want to know what the heck a “daunsel” is. Also, people often took surnames based on their occupations so there can be further information in someone’s job for that. (more…)

23 Apr 2013

Arkansas Vital Records

Some counties will have their own Arkansas vital records from 1881 (particularly Fort Smith and Little Rock), but otherwise the state collection starts in 1914. If you need to get copies for genealogy, this is how you go about it.

Restrictions on Arkansas Vital Records
There are tighter restrictions on birth records than on death records, but if you are looking for recent documents in either case you will have to be a family member. Birth records become open to the public after 100 years, and death records do so after only 50. Anything newer will only be released to a relative, though they do not require that you be an immediate relative, which can be helpful for genealogy purposes. You will need to supply proof, such as a copy of your own ID. (more…)

23 Apr 2013

Arizona Vital Records

When you’re looking for Arizona vital records, the state collection will usually get started around 1909, and individual counties can have their own records back farther to 1887.

Restrictions on Arizona Vital Records
As with most other states, Arizona vital records do become public domain after enough time has passed. Birth records that are older than 75 years, or 50 years for death records. Anything more recent than that will require you to be an immediate relative of the person on the record. You will have to provide a copy of your own government ID to prove your identity. (more…)

23 Apr 2013

Mayflower Genealogy

Mayflower genealogy

A tall-masted ship, like the Mayflower

The colonizing of the United States is the foundation point in history for the nation, and those who came over on the Mayflower are considered to be at the forefront of these events. Though the influx of colonists lasted for many years after the arrival of the Mayflower, it is this group of people who are the most remembered.

Can you trace your own family tree back to these original American colonists? There are many different resources online that can help you pinpoint where you tree meets the Mayflower, and where you can trace your family back from there. (more…)

14 Apr 2013

Adoption Resources

Having an adoption in your family tree can create a very tough brick wall to overcome. There is often legal issues, miles of red tape and hard-to-access records involved and older generations may not want to talk about “such things”. But it is not impossible to get past an adoption in your genealogy research as long as you don’t give up and know where to look.

Whether you are the adopted member or someone else, you will have a bit of work ahead of you to get past that into your tree. Here are some sites to help you with your efforts:

All About Adoption Research – This is a good article to get you started with adoption genealogy research. She lists out the places to look and the documents or information you’re going to need.

How to Start Searching – If you are the adopted person you are searching about, this is a great piece on helping you with those first steps to finding your birth parents. There is also good info if your adopted search is not about you. (more…)

29 Mar 2013

Publishing Your Family Tree

Genealogy software is very nice to keep things organized and efficient, and a full filing cabinet of paperwork is a good way to store all your data, but neither have the same satisfaction as looking through a professionally bound and printed book filled with your family tree. Not only does it look and feel better, it make it very simple to share what you have with others. So have you thought about getting your own genealogy book published? (more…)

15 Mar 2013

Tiny Tafel Reports

A typical family tree can have thousands of names, dates and places in it which can make it a little cumbersome to keep all the data conveniently listed for quick use. Different types of charts and tables are common in genealogy, including the compact Tiny Tafel report. Most genealogy software programs will generate these for you as they are not usually something you make up yourself.

The nature of the Tiny Tafel report is a summary of surnames in your list of ancestors, and though it works better with a computer, it can be handy for you as a person too. It shows you the date range where your various surnames are found. So if you had such a list with you at a library, you’d be able to see immediate what dates you should be concerned with. (more…)

15 Mar 2013

Plan a Family Reunion

genealogy family reunion

A successful family reunion can be a great genealogy resource

Old photos and lists of dates can get a little tedious and it might be time to get to know some of your living family in person for a change. One way to do this is with a family reunion. It might seem like a pretty daunting task to organize, but it can certainly be worth it. You can meet people you know in name only and you can actually do a little genealogy research while you’re at it. If you’re thinking about it, here are some tips to help you get going with a genealogy-themed family reunion:

Find Someone to Help
Depending on the size of your intended event, you will likely want at least one other person to give you a hand with this. Check out among your siblings or cousins to see if anyone would be interested. It would be helpful if then enjoy genealogy but it really doesn’t matter. Pick someone you’re close to because you’re probably going to be in touch with them a lot, and you need to rely on them to follow through. (more…)

15 Mar 2013

Converting Old Home Movies

converting old home movies

How to convert old home movies to DVD

Home movies are a mainstay of recording your memories in a more active way than still photos, though the modern digital format is a far cry from the old reels of film our ancestors used to have. Even so, if you have a collection of old home movies, that’s a treasure you want to take care of.

Unfortunately, watching your home movies was a bit more of a chore than just tossing a DVD into the machine. You’d have to set up a large projector and get some sort of screen in place. Many people ended up keeping their old movies in boxes, rarely watching them.

So why not convert some of these old movies into a digital DVD version so that you can keep them safe from age deterioration and to make them easier to watch and enjoy. Here are a few things you need to know about converting your old home movies. (more…)

11 Mar 2013

Justin Bieber Family Tree

Justin Bieber's Family Tree

Justin Bieber’s Family Tree

Since I tend to focus on historical figures around here, I thought I’d prove that I can be hip and cool too, even if nobody says “hip” anymore. So for my 8-year old daughter, here is the family tree of pop sensation Justin Bieber.

I hope to have a more complete chart soon, but the most available information is for his mother’s French-Canadian side. I had no idea that was his background. He and I may actually be cousins. Gotta check on that. There are 8 generations in this chart, but more information is available farther back than that. I may complete a longer chart in the future. (more…)

09 Mar 2013