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Tiny Tafel Reports

March 15, 2013 editor 0

A typical family tree can have thousands of names, dates and places in it which can make it a little cumbersome to keep all the […]

double dating genealogy

Double Dating

March 4, 2013 editor 0

If you’ve been doing any genealogy research from the 1500s until the mid 1700s, particularly in any English or early American regions, you may have […]

Getting Started in Genealogy

February 11, 2013 editor 0

By Terri Wilson You’re getting interested in finding out more about your family tree, your ancestors and all things genealogical? That’s great. So now where […]

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Census Records

February 7, 2013 editor 0

Census records are a valuable and unique form of genealogy resource and its certain that you’ll be using them at some point in your research. […]

old newspaper research

Old Newspaper Resources

February 2, 2013 editor 0

In this age of digital archives and online databases, its easy to forget the old-school sources like print newspapers. But you really should take advantage […]

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Identity Theft

January 21, 2013 editor 0

Identity theft is a fairly new concept, at least within the last generation or so. It’s come about due to careless handling of your personal […]