Donald Trump Family Tree

The family tree of Donald Trump, currently president-elect
The family tree of Donald Trump, currently president-elect

To continue with my tradition of including famous family trees as new presidential figures come into the spotlight, I’m doing an ahnentafel chart for the current president-elect, Donald Trump.

Given his stance on immigration, there have been a lot of references in the press about his own family’s status as immigrants in the past, so I figured that it was a perfect tree to research next. That is also why I decided to include the regions where his ancestors were born, which I don’t usually do.

Most of his family comes from German and Scottish roots, only arriving in the United States within one generation.

1. Donald John Trump (b.1946)
2. Frederick Christ Trump (b.1905 d.1999)
3. Mary Anne Macleod (b.1912 d.2000) ~ born in Scotland
4. Friedrich Trump (b.1869 d.1918) ~ born in Germany
5. Elizabeth Christ (b.1880 d.1966) ~ born in Germany
6. Malcolm Macleod (b.1866 d.1954) ~ Scotland
7. Mary Smith (b.1867 d.1963) ~ Scotland
8. Christian Johannes Trump (b.1829 d.1877) ~ Germany
9. Katherina Kober (b.1836 d.1922) ~ Germany
10. Christian Christ
11. Anna Maria Rathon
12. Alexander Macleod (b.1830 d.1900) ~ Scotland
13. Anne Macleod (b.1833) ~ Scotland
14. Donald Smith (b.1835 d.1868) ~ Scotland
15. Mary Macauley (b.1841) ~ Scotland

Just to be clear, this is a chart specifically of Donald Trump’s ancestors, it’s not a complete tree of his current family (he’s had 3 wives, 5 kids, several grandkids).