Elvis Presley Family Tree

Family tree and ancestors of Elvis Presley
Family tree and ancestors of Elvis Presley

The anniversary of his death is coming up in August, and I thought I would pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians in American history: Elvis Presley.

He was born, along with his still-born twin brother Jesse, on January 8th in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. His life began without much fanfare as his family was not particularly wealthy. Even so, he followed his passion in music and recorded his first single, Heartbreak Hotel, in 1954. Everything after that is history. To date, he has sold more than a billion records world-wide.

His full and colourful life is more than can be quickly summarized here. A more complete biography of Elvis can be found online, but I have his immediate family tree and ancestors here.

If you are unfamiliar with the following ahnentafel chart format, you can find details here.

1. Elvis Aron Presley – b.1935 d. Aug 16, 1977
2. Vernon Elvis Presley – b.1916 d.1979
3. Gladys Love Smith – b.1912 d.1958
4. Jessie McLowell Presley – b.1896 d.1973
5. Minnie Mae Hood – b.1888 d.1980
6. Robert Lee Smith – b.1879
7. Octavia Lavinia Mansell – b.1886
9. Rosie Presley – b.1862 d.1924
10. William Hood – b.1852
11. Mary Warren – b.1853
12. Milege Obe Smth – b.1842
13. Anna Mansell
14. A.White Mansell – b.1854
15. Martha Tackett – b.1854
18. Dunnan Presley – b.1827 d.1900
19. Martha Jane Wesson
22. William Warren
23. Manerva Davis
28. John Mansell – d.1880
29. Elizabeth Gilmore – b. 1830
30. Abner Tackett
31. Nancy Burdine
36. Dunnan Presley – b.1780 d.1850
37. Mary
72. Andrew Presley – b.1754 d.1855
73. Elizabeth

At this point I have to stop due to some conflicting research results. A genealogist named Allan Morrison has followed this tree back to Aberdeenshire, Scotland. There, he claims that an Andrew Presley married Elspeth Leg in 1713. They had a son named Andrew who left Scotland for America. That is where my above tree comes to an end.

But Hank Jones (from the American Society of Genealogists) has also looked into the Presley family heritage and claims of different origins for the line. According to him, the family can be traced back to a man named Valentine Preslar of Germany (born 1669), and his wife Anna Christina Framse. They immigrated to America in 1701.

I can make no recommendation as to which source is the true one, and will simply leave this as a mystery yet to be solved with certainty.

Elvis also has descendents of his own, after having married Priscilla Ann Wagner on May 1, 1967. They had one daughter, named Lisa Marie Presley who was born on February 1, 1968. Elvis and Priscilla’s marriage came to an end in 1973, about 4 years before his untimely death.

Lisa Marie has been married several times. Her first marriage Danny Keough resulted in two children, Danielle Riley (b. May 29, 1989) and Benjamin Storm (b. October 21, 1992). Later, she married Micheal Lockwood and had twin girls on October 7, 2008. Their names are Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love.