Family Group Sheets

free family group sheets to download
Free family group sheets

On another page, I discuss how to  organize your documents. So I really should give you the proper forms you need to follow my ideas. These are the family group sheets that I use to create an index on the front of each of my folders.

Unlike the tree-shaped pedigree charts, these forms are used to document one entire family rather than show a lot of connections with your other ancestors. They have the father and mother featured at the top, with their parents indicated. Then all of their children are listed below.

In the past, this page used to have links to other sites that offered free family group sheets for downloads, but after fixing the links about 10 times, I’ve given up with that approach. Instead, here is my own form that you can download.

Click on the image to the left, or here to download the PDF. Print out as many as you need. Most computers can open and print PDF files, but you can download a free reader from Adobe if you need to.

Number each chart at the top so you can reference it later. The top section is for the mother and father, and their parents. There is space with a # to point to the right charts for the parents’ own family sheets (if you have them). I also added a space at the top where you can cross-reference this family to a pedigree chart.

The main family group sheet has space for 10 children, their birth and death dates and their spouses. You can also include locations next to the dates. There is another # space to show where the childrens’ family group sheets are located. I have included a second page for additional children that you can print off if you need it. My own French-Canadian relatives often had 12 or more children, so I really used this a lot.

Even if you’re not collecting the majority of your genealogy data on paper, having these forms handy is helpful. You can sometimes take notes faster by hand, and the right form will be nice to have. As I’ve said, I use these to create index pages for my folders which is another use for a good family group sheet.