Laura Ingalls Wilder Family Tree

genealogy and family tree of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Laura Ingalls Wilder

After discussing the Homestead Act in last week’s article, which led to mention the famed frontier settler, Charles Ingalls. It may be more accurate to say that his daughter, Laura Ingalls Wilder is actually the famous one, for having written the Little House on the Prairie books.

She wrote the popular series of books for children (which were also made into a TV series) later in her life, when she was in her 60s. Her stories chronicled her family’s struggles to settle in the American west, through several moves during her childhood. Her daughter Rose also wrote a book called Free Land, which also documents some of their family history, but with a more dramatic and adult-oriented theme.

So, to continue along that theme, here is the ancestry of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her family tree includes some other figures from early American history, including Richard Warren who came to America on the Mayflower.

The following is several generations of her ancestors, ordered in a simple ahnentafel chart.

 1. Laura Ingalls – b.1867 d.1957

2. Charles Phillip Ingalls – b.1836 d.1902

3. Caroline Lake Quiner – b.1839 d. 1923

4. Lansford Whiting Ingalls – b.1812 d.1896

5. Laura Louise Colby – b.1810 d.1883

6. Henry Netwon Quiner – b.1807 d.1844

7. Charlotte Wallis Tucker – b.1809 d.1884

8. Samuel Ingalls – b.1771 d.1841

9. Margaret Delano – b.1773 d.1837

10. Nathan Colby – b.1778

11. Eunice Blood – b.1782 d.1862

12. William Quiner

13. Margaret Doer

16. Jonathan Ingalls – b.1750 d.1834

17. Martha Jane Locke – b.1753 d.1785

18. Jonathan Delano – b.1735 d.1811

19. Anne Ladd – b.1734 d.1816

20. Ezekial Colby – b.1739

21. Sally Fowler – b. 1734

32. Timothy Ingalls – b.1720

36. Jabez Delano – b.1701 d.1752

37. Prudence Hibbard – b. 1712

40. Nathan Colby – b.1710

41. Hannah Worthen – b.1716

64. Samuel Ingalls – b.1683 d.1760

65. Mary Watts – b.1687 d.1721

72. Jonathan Delano – b.1679 d.1752

73. Amy Allen Hatch – b.1687 d.1764

80. Joseph Colby – b.1680

81. Anne Bartlett – b.1684

128. Samuel Ingalls – b.1654 d.1733

129. Sarah Hendrick – b.1661

130. Samuel Watts – b.1650 d.1721

131. Elizabeth Ayer – b.1659 d.1695

144. Jonathan Delano – b.1647 d.1719

145. Mercy Warren – b.1656 d.1727

146. John Hatch – b.1654 d.1737

147. Amy Allen – b.1663 d.1708

290. Nathaniel Warren – b.1624 d.1667

291 Sarah Walker – b.1622 d.1700

580 Richard Warren – b.1590 d.1628

581. Elizabeth Juitt – b.1580 d.1673

As for Laura Ingalls’ descendents, she married Almanzo Wilder and had one daughter, Rose Wilder. Rose lived from 1886 until 1968 and married Claire Gillette Lane. They divorced in 1920 and Rose had no living children.