Mitt Romney Family Tree

mitt romney's family tree and polygamous history
Mitt Romney's Family Tree

It’s probably a little late in the game to focus on Mitt Romney now that the election is long over, but I was always drawn to his unusual Mormon background. The news often focused on the polygamy in his past, so I finally got around to looking into it a little bit more. But since multiple marriages don’t really show up in someone’s ancestry chart, you won’t see too much of that in this ahnentafel chart of Mitt Romney’s ancestors. I did mark the men who had multiple wives though, just for interest’s sake.

And in case you are somehow unaware of who I’m talking about, Mitt Romney was a prominent American politician who ran for the presidency in 2012. I’m not sure what he’s doing now.

1. Willard Mitt Romney (b.1947)
2. George Wilcken Romney (b.1907)
3. Lenore Emily Lafount (b.1908)
4. Gaskell Romney (b.1871 d.1955)
5. Anna Amelia Pratt (b.1876 d.1926)
6. Harold Arundel Lafount (b.1880 d.1952)
7. Alma Luella Robinson (b.1882 d.1938)
8. Miles Park Romney (b.1843 d.1904) **
9. Hannah Hood Hill (b.1842 d.1928)
10. Heleman Pratt (b.1846 d.1909) **
11. Anna Johanna Dorothy Wilcken (b.1854 d.1929)
12. Robert Arthur Lafount (b.1856 d.1940)
13. Emily Ethel Hewitt (b.1861 d.1956)
14. Charles Edward Robison (b.1845 d.1883)
15. Rosetta Mary Berry (b.1843 d.1918)
16. Miles Romney (b.1806 d.1877)
17. Elizabeth Gaskell (b.1809 d.1884)
18. Archibald Newell Hill (b.1816 d.1900) **
19. Isabella Hood (b.1821 d.1847)
20. Parley Parker Pratt (b.1907 d.1857) **
21. Mary Wood (b.1819 d.1898)
22. Charles Henry Wilcken **
23. Eliza Reiche
28. Lewis Robinson (b.1816 d.1883) **
29. Clarissa Minerva Duzette (b.1822 d.1891)
30. Robert Berry
31. Elnora Warner
32. George Romney (b.1781 d.1859)
33. Sarah King (b.1790 d.1861)
34. Joseph Gaitskill (b.1766 d.1837)
35. Elizabeth Slater (b.1777 d.1822)
36. Alexander Hill (b.1779 d.1867)
37. Elizabeth Curry (b.1775 d.1855)
40. Jared Pratt (b.1769 d.1839)
41. Charity Dickinson (b.1776 d.1849)
56. Charles Robinson (b.1785 d.1840)
57. Jerusha Rebecca Kellogg (b.1785 d.1836)

** These are the men who had polygamous marriages with more than one wife.

Mitt Romney is currently married to Ann Davies, and together they have 5 children: Taggart, Matthew, Joshua, Benjamin and Craig. Between these 5 sons, they currently have 20 grand-children.