Personal Tree Home Page

Newly Updated for 2017

Welcome to the online version of my own personal family tree. I have more than 6,000 people in this tree including many generations of British and European royalty, so I thought that the whole collection might be helpful to others. The tree can be viewed in pedigree format or by family group sheets.

The surname index page for this tree is the place to start. All the surnames are listed alphabetically, with a number to indicate how many people have that name. Click on the surname and the list opens up to show each person with that surname. From there, you can choose to visit each person’s group sheet or pedigree chart location.

For people with no surname, click on the # and then on blank. Unfortunately, the search works mainly based on surname so you may have to scroll around for people without a last name.

In case you wanted to check more notable people, you can jump to these branches on my tree:

Queen Victoria
King Henry I

On a less dramatic level, my tree holds surnames such as Church, Mainwaring, Vaillancourt, Levesque, Latham, Fitzalan, Goushill and many more.

If you find this tree helpful, you should bookmark THIS PAGE. When I do my next set of updates to the tree, the individual page URLs may all change. So bookmark this intro page, or the surname index.

I based this on my own personal research, so many families may only have individuals listed because they are my direct ancestors. That can mean some families are incomplete, because I only focused on certain children. Never assume that this material is 100% correct, complete or accurate. Just use it as a guide.

Want to ask about any part of this tree? I do have some sources, so feel free to get any details if you want. Use the contact form to drop me a line.