Stephen King Family Tree

Stephen King family tree
The genealogy of master horror writer Stephen King

Even you aren’t a fan of his work, you can’t deny that Stephen King is one of the most popular writers of our time. He’s best known for his horror work even though he has written several novels from other genres that have been just as well received. Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, the Green Mile and Hearts in Atlantis are three good examples. You might know them better as movies though since all three have been adapted to the screen. His epic Dark Tower series is another non-horror tale that spans 7 huge books.

It wasn’t always like this for him. His first novel (the thriller Carrie) was repeatedly rejected before finally being published. Since then, he’s gotten extensive world-wide fame. Now you can find out a little bit more about Stephen King’s family tree.

His ancestry is shown below in an ahnentafel chart format. If you don’t know about this style of genealogy chart, see my other page on ahnentafel charts to explain the order and numbering. Most of this genealogy is from Mr. King’s mother. I’ll have to see what more I can find out to balance this chart out more.

1. Stephen Edwin King b.1947
2. Donald Edwin King b.1913
3. Nellie Ruth Pillsbury b.1913 d.1973
6. Guy Herbert Pillsbury b.1876 d.1965
7. Nellie Weston Frog b.1877 d.1963
12. Howard Leavitt Pillsbury b.1849
13. Cecelia Media Foss b.1853
14. Arthur Jonathan Fogg b.1842
15. Susan Ann Carter b.1846
24. Charles Pillsbury b.1810 d.1893
25. Eunice Waterhouse b.1810 d.1890
26. Joseph Foss b.1803
27. Susan Grant Robinson b.1815 d.1875
28. Asa Rand Fogg b.1812
29. Elizabeth Babb
30. Daniel Carter b.1811
31. Mary Ann Meserve b. 1815
48. Jonathan Pillsbury b.1762 d.1833
49. Shuah Milliken b.1776 d.1864
50. Richard Waterhouse
51. Elizabeth Smith
54. George Robinson b.1783 d.1875
55. Rebecca Grant b.1786
56. George Fogg b.1784 d.1863
57. Joanna Fogg b.1787 d.1861
60. Richard Carter
61. Sally
62. Andrew Meserve
63. Eunice
96. David Pillsbury b.1737
97. Anna
98. Jeremiah Milliken b.1751
99. Sarah Lord
108. John Robinson b.1759 d.1826
109. Deborah Cummings b.1759 d.1843
112. Jeremiah Fogg b.1744 d.1815
113. Mary Warren d. 1800
192. Josiah Pillsbury b.1686 d.1761
193 Sarah Kelley
196. Edward Milliken
197. Abigail Norman
224. Samuel Fogg
225. Rachel Mariner

King was raised mostly by his mother after his father left when he was a child. His brother David and him were born in Portland, Maine and lived most of his life throughout the New England area. These places are the predominant locations in many of his books.

Today, King is married to Tabitha Spruce and they have three children, Naomi Rachel, Joseph Hillstrom and Owen Philip. There are also 3 King grand-children at the time I’m writing this.

I’ve compiled this family tree from and, as well as Mr. King’s own online website ( I can’t verify anything for authenticity beyond that.