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Colorado Vital Records

August 7, 2015 editor 0

Some counties have Colorado genealogy records from the mid 1800s, but the state collection of vital records didn’t start until 1900. So when researching in […]

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California Vital Records

May 24, 2013 editor 0

California vital records date back to at least 1905 with some counties having records farther back to 1824 (particularly Monterey County). Getting copies of these […]

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Arkansas Vital Records

April 23, 2013 editor 0

Some counties will have their own Arkansas vital records from 1881 (particularly Fort Smith and Little Rock), but otherwise the state collection starts in 1914. […]

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Arizona Vital Records

April 23, 2013 editor 0

When you’re looking for Arizona vital records, the state collection will usually get started around 1909, and individual counties can have their own records back […]

Mayflower genealogy

Mayflower Genealogy

April 14, 2013 editor 0

The colonizing of the United States is the foundation point in history for the nation, and those who came over on the Mayflower are considered […]

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Alaska Vital Records

March 1, 2013 editor 0

The state of Alaska only started collecting vital records around 1913, so the state will only have material going back that far which gives it […]

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Alabama Vital Records

February 26, 2013 editor 0

Most vital records in Alabama will range from 1908, though some counties will have records older than that (back to 1880 if you’re lucky). If […]

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Census Records

February 7, 2013 editor 0

Census records are a valuable and unique form of genealogy resource and its certain that you’ll be using them at some point in your research. […]