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Creating a Family Scrapbook

how to make a family scrapbook

Put together a great family scrapbook for your genealogy materials

Photos and documents tucked away in a binder are fine for storage but sometimes you want a more visible and attractive way of displaying your family tree collection. A genealogy scrapbook is an ideal option.

The Book
First you need to get an appropriate book to do your scrapbooking in. There are many varieties out there since the scrapbooking hobby is so huge. If there is a chance you will have additional material to add once you start, which is often the case with any ongoing family tree research, you will want to get a book with removable pages or even a 3-ring binder style of book.

If you are going to be scrapbooking a part of your family that is basically finished, you can use any type of book with or without fixed pages. There are more styles available like this so you might have more fun with your scrapbook if static pages are fine. In any case, get a book of good quality that has acid-free pages. (more…)

14 Jan 2013