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Converting Old Home Movies

converting old home movies

How to convert old home movies to DVD

Home movies are a mainstay of recording your memories in a more active way than still photos, though the modern digital format is a far cry from the old reels of film our ancestors used to have. Even so, if you have a collection of old home movies, that’s a treasure you want to take care of.

Unfortunately, watching your home movies was a bit more of a chore than just tossing a DVD into the machine. You’d have to set up a large projector and get some sort of screen in place. Many people ended up keeping their old movies in boxes, rarely watching them.

So why not convert some of these old movies into a digital DVD version so that you can keep them safe from age deterioration and to make them easier to watch and enjoy. Here are a few things you need to know about converting your old home movies. (more…)

11 Mar 2013

Using a Microfilm Machine

using a microfilm reader for genealogy

A typical microfilm reader in a library

Even in today’s modern world of Internet and digital resources, there is a place for the lowly microfilm machine. If you are going to be doing any in-person genealogy research at smaller or older libraries, you’ll need to know your way around using one.

Over the years, many archives of newspapers and periodicals have been kept on microfilm because it takes up far less space and that was really the only format available at the time. Even old books may be kept this way. More and more libraries are moving towards digital options, old material is still on microfilm more often than not. (more…)

03 Feb 2013