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Interfamily Marriage in Your Family Tree

Have you come to any points in your family tree where the branches start to cross? That is, where relatives have actually married one another. I’m sure you have, and if not, you will eventually. Almost all family trees have a few cousin-marriages in them. Marrying close relatives is not as socially acceptable as it once was, though that depends on the culture and time frame that you’re researching. The term “consanguinity” is the official way to describe marriage between close relations.

Through history, there have been many periods where marrying your own cousin (even a first cousin) was acceptable and even considered a good idea. This would keep assets and estates within the family, and was thought to strengthen the bloodlines. And of course, travel was pretty limited in the past and it was hard to get away from your family even if you wanted to. (more…)

06 May 2013

Hemophilia in the Royal Family

hemophilia in the royal family

Queen Victoria and her hemophilia legacy

You can pass down photographs, stories, belongings, land or titles to your descendants to create a lasting legacy of your life. Unfortunately, there are a few other things that can also be passed down through families. And that would be illness. Many diseases are transmitted from mother to offspring, leading to an interesting aspect to one’s family tree.

One of the best known cases of where genealogy and disease can mix is the strain of hemophilia that wound its way through the European royal families from the 1800s to the 1900s. (more…)

20 Dec 2012