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Mayflower Genealogy

Mayflower genealogy

A tall-masted ship, like the Mayflower

The colonizing of the United States is the foundation point in history for the nation, and those who came over on the Mayflower are considered to be at the forefront of these events. Though the influx of colonists lasted for many years after the arrival of the Mayflower, it is this group of people who are the most remembered.

Can you trace your own family tree back to these original American colonists? There are many different resources online that can help you pinpoint where you tree meets the Mayflower, and where you can trace your family back from there. (more…)

14 Apr 2013

Adoption Resources

Having an adoption in your family tree can create a very tough brick wall to overcome. There is often legal issues, miles of red tape and hard-to-access records involved and older generations may not want to talk about “such things”. But it is not impossible to get past an adoption in your genealogy research as long as you don’t give up and know where to look.

Whether you are the adopted member or someone else, you will have a bit of work ahead of you to get past that into your tree. Here are some sites to help you with your efforts:

All About Adoption Research – This is a good article to get you started with adoption genealogy research. She lists out the places to look and the documents or information you’re going to need.

How to Start Searching – If you are the adopted person you are searching about, this is a great piece on helping you with those first steps to finding your birth parents. There is also good info if your adopted search is not about you. (more…)

29 Mar 2013

Census Records

Census records are a valuable and unique form of genealogy resource and its certain that you’ll be using them at some point in your research. Knowing what they contain and how they work is a good first step.

In America, there have been national census counts since 1790 and there has been one every 10 years since then. They are not all available online, but you can find many years in searchable or transcribed databases.

The first 1790 census was pretty sparse and didn’t hold the same type of information you’ll find in later years. That count only had the name of the household head, counts of the number of males and females (without names) and the number of slaves owned. Some of the 1790 census records have been lost or destroyed over the years and are no longer available. (more…)

07 Feb 2013

Slave Genealogy

If you find that your genealogy research has taken you to discover African American ancestors who were once kept as slaves, you can find yourself in some pretty tough historical territory. You’ll have your work cut out for you when you hit this type of a brick wall. Even so, don’t give up completely. Records aren’t as easy to find as some others, but there are a few really good resources for slave genealogy.

Though owned slaves were counted in the 1850 and 1860 American census, they were not recorded in any detail, and certainly not by name. It was only after the Civil War that you’ll find census records that list freed slaves by name, which means you need to start looking around 1870.


26 Dec 2012

Latter Day Saints Genealogy

genealogy and the latter day saints

The LDS Church is a great resource in genealogy

If you have been doing online genealogy research for any length of time, you are surely stumbled across the various resources belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (known more simply as the Mormons). Ever wonder why?

Believe it or not, it is actually an official part of the LDS belief system to do research and record your personal genealogy and family tree information. Since I am not personally a member of the church, I will admit that my information has come from a variety of sources so please excuse me if I make any religious errors. I’m a genealogist, not a theologian. For more on the religious background, you can check out the official LDS homepage. (more…)

25 Dec 2012

Native American Resources

Native American Genealogy resources

Native American Genealogy resources

Many people hit brick walls when they reach their ancestors who migrated here from other countries, because records can get lost or misplaced during immigration. Well, even if your ancestors are native to the USA, you can still end up with brick walls.

I’ve collected some good resources and articles for anyone who is trying to learn more about their Native American ancestry. It’s not an area I have had to research personally (yet). (more…)

23 Dec 2012

Hiring a Pro

Just like with any project or hobby, sometimes you need the services of a professional. Someone who may have better skills and access to better resources than you. Genealogy is no different than other pursuits.

Whether you need someone to help with your actual research, or you want to hire someone to compile a family history book, finding the right professional is important. Here are some resources on finding a professional, as well as other articles on what you should look for when hiring someone to help you with your research. (more…)

22 Dec 2012

Reading Medieval Handwriting

reading medieval handwriting

Example of medieval handwriting

Finding very old hand-written documents is one of the highlights in genealogy, but if you can’t read Medieval handwriting, you might be up against a wall.

This means any English writing between the 1500s and 1800s, though the specific styles will vary by era and region. The point is that Medieval handwriting can be very hard to transcribe until you learn some more of the script.

The best way to understand how letters were written during the Medieval period is by examining some properly transcribed examples. There are several websites that have some great photos and examples that can help you out.


17 Dec 2012

Irish Resources

irish genealogy resources

More on Irish genealogy resources

With my own family coming from Ireland a few generations ago (still trying to pin down the specifics on that), I have been working with a number of great online Irish genealogy resources. So here is a place for you to start if you have family in that part of the world.

Irish Genealogy – Several different types of Irish records are linked here, including a searchable database of church records. It’s a great spot to do a little direct vital records sourcing. Some searches might require a small fee. (more…)

16 Dec 2012

Civil War Resources

civil war genealogy

Genealogy for the American Civil War

The Civil War was a very important event in American history, taking place between 1861 and 1865. The conflict touched the entire nation, and involved more than 3 million men. Any American genealogy study will likely come across relatives who were part of the Civil War. There are a number of resources, including military records, available that can provide a great deal of genealogical information.


16 Dec 2012