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Using Old Maps

using old maps in genealogy

Old maps are a great genealogy find

Maps may not be the first place you think to look when doing genealogy research but they can be really helpful resources once you get the hang of using them (and once you actually find the ones you need). You won’t get much actual ancestral information from a map but sometimes pinpointing a location can really help direct your next course of action. Besides, it can be nice to see a geographic representation of your family roots in map form.

Firstly, they are not as commonly available as written documents and there are many different types of maps out there. Not only do you need the overall region and time frame, you may not want just any map. Topographical maps will show terrain but no urban details, and some maps may only show county borders or other municipal features. (more…)

11 Jan 2013

Land Deeds

old-mapsThough property documents and land deeds may not strike you as the first place to check for genealogical information, but you should not discount these sources in your research.

Unlike regular vital records, you never know exactly what information you will find on a deed. But because a person needed to be identified as completely as possible, there were often many pieces of information included. Several members of a person’s family might be mentioned (parents, spouse, children) as well as neighbour’s names. This will most definitely be the case when property is willed in an estate. You may also find a birth date, occupation or place of birth. (more…)

16 Dec 2012