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Converting Old Home Movies

converting old home movies

How to convert old home movies to DVD

Home movies are a mainstay of recording your memories in a more active way than still photos, though the modern digital format is a far cry from the old reels of film our ancestors used to have. Even so, if you have a collection of old home movies, that’s a treasure you want to take care of.

Unfortunately, watching your home movies was a bit more of a chore than just tossing a DVD into the machine. You’d have to set up a large projector and get some sort of screen in place. Many people ended up keeping their old movies in boxes, rarely watching them.

So why not convert some of these old movies into a digital DVD version so that you can keep them safe from age deterioration and to make them easier to watch and enjoy. Here are a few things you need to know about converting your old home movies. (more…)

11 Mar 2013

Kinds of Old Photographs

kinds of old photos

What kind of old photographs do you have?

In my earlier article on how to date old photographs, I mentioned that you should see what kind of photo it is in the first place. The size, format, paper type and other little factors can help you figure out its age. Now I’ll get into a little more detail so you can establish what kind of photo you have.

Over the history of photography, there have been 3 materials for photographs. They are paper or cardboard, metal and glass. Of the three, varieties of paper and cardboard are the most common, and that is what I’m going to focus on for this article since that is likely what you are looking at. Paper photos came in certain styles or sizes over the years, with 3 general formats: the carte-de-visite, the cabinet card and the photo postcard. (more…)

26 Jan 2013

Taking Care of Old Photos

taking care of old photographs

Take care of all your old photos

Photographs can be precious gems in a genealogy collection, giving your ancestors a face and helping your past come alive.

Every generation farther back you go, the number of potential photos is going to drop. I have more than I could ever use of my own grandparents, but anything older than that is pretty sparse. I really treasure them. So make sure you take proper care of all your old photographs so they can be passed down to your children (and then hopefully to their children). (more…)

18 Dec 2012

Dating Old Photographs

Photos are vital to genealogy collections

Photos are vital to genealogy collections

Our ancestors weren’t always that diligent about dating and labeling their photos, which can make us genealogists crazy when we discover old pictures with no information on them. But with a little skill and observation skills, you can narrow down the possible date range to have a better idea of when these mystery photos were taken.

If you don’t know the people in the photo either, then having a rough date approximation can help point you to the right generation of family to look at closer. It’s better than nothing. Without some sense of a date, you can easily lose track of whether you are looking at your grandmother or great-grandmother because they both looked so similar when they were both children. (more…)

16 Dec 2012