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Donald Trump Family Tree

The family tree of Donald Trump, currently president-elect

The family tree of Donald Trump, currently president-elect

To continue with my tradition of including famous family trees as new presidential figures come into the spotlight, I’m doing an ahnentafel chart for the current president-elect, Donald Trump.

Given his stance on immigration, there have been a lot of references in the press about his own family’s status as immigrants in the past, so I figured that it was a perfect tree to research next. That is also why I decided to include the regions where his ancestors were born, which I don’t usually do.


22 Nov 2016

Mitt Romney Family Tree

mitt romney's family tree and polygamous history

Mitt Romney’s Family Tree

It’s probably a little late in the game to focus on Mitt Romney now that the election is long over, but I was always drawn to his unusual Mormon background. The news often focused on the polygamy in his past, so I finally got around to looking into it a little bit more. But since multiple marriages don’t really show up in someone’s ancestry chart, you won’t see too much of that in this ahnentafel chart of Mitt Romney’s ancestors. I did mark the men who had multiple wives though, just for interest’s sake. (more…)

08 May 2013

Barack Obama Family Tree

barack obama genealogy and family tree

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

Barack Obama the current and 44rd president of the United States, and his family story has been the most contested issue in American politics. Some say he is not a citizen of the USA due to his Kenyan ancestry on his father’s side, though they have little proof to back up their conspiracy claims. Needless so say, I’m not going to touch that mess with a ten-foot pole.

His ancestry has been traced back farther than this, so if you want to find more generations, they are out there with a little extra research. (more…)

18 Dec 2012