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Tiny Tafel Reports

March 15, 2013 editor 0

A typical family tree can have thousands of names, dates and places in it which can make it a little cumbersome to keep all the […]

Getting Started in Genealogy

February 11, 2013 editor 0

By Terri Wilson You’re getting interested in finding out more about your family tree, your ancestors and all things genealogical? That’s great. So now where […]

how to back up genealogy files

Back Up Your Data

December 25, 2012 editor 0

After all that hard work to build your family tree and collect your ancestor’s heritage, don’t put it at risk due to some unexpected computer […]

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Ahnentafel Charts

December 16, 2012 editor 0

I use these charts frequently here on the site as a lovely and compact way of sharing a line of ancestry for certain people. It’s […]

Pedigree charts for genealogy

Pedigree Charts

December 15, 2012 editor 0

To follow with my ongoing organizational theme, here is the second of those basic genealogy forms that you will want to have on hand to […]

free family group sheets to download

Family Group Sheets

December 15, 2012 editor 0

On another page, I discuss how to¬† organize your documents. So I really should give you the proper forms you need to follow my ideas. […]

genealogy file keeping

Getting Organized

December 15, 2012 editor 0

A never-ending topic for genealogists, how to deal with all the notes, files and papers that quickly accumulate when you are doing your family tree […]