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Latter Day Saints Genealogy

genealogy and the latter day saints

The LDS Church is a great resource in genealogy

If you have been doing online genealogy research for any length of time, you are surely stumbled across the various resources belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (known more simply as the Mormons). Ever wonder why?

Believe it or not, it is actually an official part of the LDS belief system to do research and record your personal genealogy and family tree information. Since I am not personally a member of the church, I will admit that my information has come from a variety of sources so please excuse me if I make any religious errors. I’m a genealogist, not a theologian. For more on the religious background, you can check out the official LDS homepage. (more…)

25 Dec 2012

Luke’s Lineage of Jesus

As discussed in an earlier article about the two genealogies of Jesus, there are 2 different listings of Jesus’ ancestors in the Bible. For further reference, here is the lineage of Jesus as told in Luke 3:23. And for comparison, you can see the other lineage from Matthew 1:1. (more…)

18 Dec 2012

Matthew’s Lineage of Jesus

I have another page that explains how there are two genealogies for Jesus, depending on where you are reading in the Bible. So I wanted to follow up and provide the list of Jesus’ ancestors in each cast. Here is the list from Matthew 1:1, and you can click to see the one from Luke 3:23. (more…)

18 Dec 2012

Genealogy of Jesus

genealogy of Jesus

Biblical genealogy of Jesus

Though some might argue that nothing in the Bible can be held as historically accurate, there is also no real proof to say that the characters and people within the Bible did not exist as historical figures either. So you may consider this an article of Bible history or Biblical myth, depending on your point of view.

If nothing else, this may show how a family tree can become convoluted over time depending on cultural and societal customs.

There are 2 main genealogies in the Bible for the ancestry of Jesus, and unfortunately they are not the same. They are found in the gospel of Luke (Luke 3:23-38) and Matthew (Matthew 1:1-16). Both links lead to another page that has each genealogy listed out. Though they both lead back to King David, the two different lines have inspired much research and theorizing. Though there are many theories as to why Luke and Matthew did not record Jesus’ lineage the same, there are a few of them that are better known (and more accepted) than others. (more…)

18 Dec 2012